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Speed Picking

The Speed Picking section is where you will learn how to shred and build up speed using different techniques. I will teach how to build up your speed and picking accuracy and cut your learning time in half.  You will learn excerices that will develop inside the string alternate picking and outside the string alternate picking plus tips on how to practice during your down time.

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Speed Picking Mastery

Speed Picking Mastery is designed to teach you how to build your left hand speed and picking speed and accuracy in just a few short weeks. Follow this week by week online guitar lesson course and you will learn How to use a Metronome, Hammer on drills,Pull off drills, Picking drills, Fretboard Exercises, Alternate picking Exercises, Legato drills, Speed Building Techniques, Speed Building alternate picking patterns, Crossing String Patterns, Sweeping Arpeggios and much more. This guitar lesson course will help you learn how to build your speed in a step by step manner with definite goals to reach for each week.

Each week will include tools to help you reach your guitar playing goals.

Example Lesson

Alternate  Picking Exercises

















































Tuesday, 06. December 2016